Faux Ear Piercing for Little Girls

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Growing up I was the only girl in my classroom that did not have pierced ears. I didn’t feel any different until it was pointed out by a friend. My mom and dad thought that it was pointless to put me through unnecessary pain as an infant, so they didn’t worry about it. Now that my husband and I have our on daughter yeah, we can totally identify with their reasoning. We just didn’t see the necessity in her having her ears pierced as an infant. I finally got my ears pierced at 10 years old.

Since turning three she has been asking to wear bracelets, rings, and earrings. I decided to give her a sample of my childhood with the nostalgic faux earrings. The difference now from when I was much younger is that there are so many designs and styles to choose from. Stickers, magnetic, and clip-on have all been around for years, but the designs are much more versatile and easier to pass off as pierced ears. I wouldn’t recommend that you purchase these for any girl that is younger than 3 as it may easily become a choking hazard. Magnetic earrings can be extremely dangerous if ingested. As a mom, I feel much more comfortable with my daughter wearing sticker earrings.

These faux pierced earrings are not only cute, but they are so affordable. We purchased ours from Claire’s for about $6 and they are also available at Walmart and on Amazon. At this price, I don’t care if she wears 4 different earrings a day which sometimes she does. When she is ready for the real thing we will get them done at our dermatologist office.




Amazing and Affordable Spring Beauty Products That You Need Today

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The temperature where you are may not give the feeling of Spring, but don’t let that stop you from getting your body and mind geared up for some Spring self-pampering. Today I want to share with you 6 of the best beauty products that I’ve been using since this Spring season officially began. They are all under $30, so that makes them even better!

Who doesn’t want smooth and soft skin for Summer? The St. Ives Even and Bright Pink Lemon Mandarin Orange Body Wash is perfect for smoothing out unwanted dead skin. This product smells so good and has tiny exfoliating beads to help make your skin soft just in time for Summer. This product is also Paraben free.


To get the most out of this deliciously smelling body wash, I use it with a nylon exfoliating towel made by Earth Therapeutics. This towel helps to further slough off any dead skin on my body and let me tell you, it works! My skin feels extremely soft every time that I use it with the St. Ives body wash.


Considering that I have very sensitive and acne prone skin, I have to ensure that all of my makeup is removed before I apply any moisturizer or before I head to bed. This soap leaves my face feeling nice and clean. It’s free of phthalate, paraben, fluoride, fragrance, dye, and aluminum. I still follow up with my other cleanser that I mentioned in my Beauty Favorites from 2017. If I’m experiencing a breakout, I use my handy Clean and Clear Continuous Control. I used this back in college and it worked great, so I dipped back into it recently. I must admit that it still has it’s healing powers with the help of the benzoyl peroxide.


Do you want the look of falsies without the work or harsh damage? The Loreal Voluminous Mascara is perfect for building your lashes to long lengths and fullness. I don’t even have to use my eyelash curler to achieve a great curl with length. I used this product years ago and for whatever reasons I stopped. While I was out shopping for a new mascara I saw this and I remembered how great it made my lashes look. The plus is that it’s so affordable!


Thanks to my dad, I’m terribly hairy. I have to shave once or twice a week and sometimes wax in other places. When it comes to hair on my head….well, I guess I’m thankful for these genes. However, warmer temperatures mean more skin showing and especially in the South where I live. This Completely Bare shaving gel makes it so much easier to get a smooth shave that is free of razor burn, nicks, and is perfect for any skin type.


To avoid the ugly bumps that I can get quickly from shaving or waxing my bikini area, I like to use the Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Serum. A little definitely goes a long way. It doesn’t sting like some of the other after shave serums and has a pleasant smell as well.


Do you have an amazing and affordable Spring Beauty Product that you love? Share them in the comments below!

Stylish and Comfortable Must-Have Pajamas That are Perfect for Spring!

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Spring is not only perfect for elbow grease cleaning and organizing, but it’s also the perfect time to update your nighttime style. I’m talking about your pajamas if you choose to wear any at all. Ohhh…life before Kids! Whatever your comfort level or style preference is, you’re sure to find something in these sets to replace any of the old handy dandies that you thought you couldn’t live without. Shhhh…we all have that one.


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Shop these looks (clockwise from top left)

1. Women’s Plus Size Total Comfort Tank and Shorts Pajama Set – Gilligan & O’Malley 2. Women’s Short Sleeve Woven Pajama Set – Gilligan & O’Malley 3. Women’s Pajama Set Total Comfort – Gilligan & O’Malley 4. Women’s Chemise – Gilligan & O’Malley 5. Women’s Plus Size Total Comfort Robe – Gilligan & O’Malley 6. Women’s Silky Lace Tank Top and Shorts Lingerie Set – Gilligan & O’Malley 7. Women’s Chemise with Lace – Gilligan & O’Malley 8. Women’s Pajama Lace Trim Chemise – Pink Stripe X 9. Women’s Knit Romper Turquoise – Xhilaration

What’s In My Diaper Bag

As a new parent, having a stylish or diaper bag can be a lot of fun, but let me assure you all that it is definitely not a necessity. After all, spilled milk or soiled clothes on the inside will smell terribly all the same regardless of what the brand says about their durable fabric.  This is not to stop you from splurging on a fancy tote for your tots everyday items. However, as a second go-around mom, I think that what’s most important about a diaper bag are the compartments and what you actually have packed in your bag. My daughter is now considered a toddler and packing our diaper bag still comes with a long list of essential items, so what’s in my diaper bag? Check it out here; I hope that you will give this video a thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel!

My Favorite NYX Pro Makeup Lip Butter Colors for 2017

I just might be a plain jane, but guess what? I don’t care. It has come to my attention that I spent most of my lip color budget on NYX products. With the exception of moisturizing lip balms from Burt Bees, everything else was the Butter Line made by NYX. I love their brand. They’re so affordable, the pigments are true and defined, and they can be purchased pretty much everywhere. Win….win! Here are my favorite NYX Pro Makeup Lip Butter colors from 2017.

What are your favorite lip products for 2017? Share them below!