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Pets and Babies Safety Tips: How We Prevented Our Dog from Attacking our Newborn

I recently read that a 5-day old baby girl was brutally attacked by her family’s pet in their Dunnellon, Fla. home. What’s even more haunting about this story is that this also occurred in Florida just one month ago when a 7-month-old girl was mauled to death by her family’s dog while sitting in her car seat. Both families assumed that their babies were in safe places, but we should always remember that there is generally no safe place for a child to be left unattended with a dog, cat, or any other animal that is likely to bite under stressful situations.

Dogs are cute and cuddly and quickly become members of our families just like children. This is where we fail as humans. We quickly forget that they are still animals with animal instincts and needs. As a two-time pet owner, I’ve adjusted my thoughts to accept this and we take care of our family pet accordingly. Our first dog, Rambo was like our child because at the time we did not have children. We hugged him, allowed him to roam through our house unattended, he sat under our dinner table every night, he even slept at the foot of our bed a few nights during the month. He was a part of our pack. Family members that were frequent visitors were allowed to come into our home without him freaking completely out, but others were not. Yes, we had a crate to subdue his mighty and harmless roars, but he was clearly expressing to us that those people were not welcome as a part of our pack. This is how all dogs think no matter how cute they are or how many sweaters they wear.


Three years into our bond with Rambo we welcomed our son. We did not introduce our son to Rambo the way that we should have because we were ignorant that this was a very important solution for forming a bond between a pet and a new family member. Our son’s first night in our home included lots of attention and of course a lot of crying. It was simply too much change for our dog to take in so suddenly. With every whimper and cry that our baby gave, Rambo began to express his disapproval of our tiny baby by growling, howling, and barking loudly and uncontrollably. Of course, my husband told him to “shut it up” several times, but to no avail, he did not stop. In fact, he amped his bark up a few notches. This scared me, shocked my mom who was briefly staying with us to help me with our new baby, made the baby cry louder, and made my husband upset. We decided that it was best that he go into our backyard until we could properly train him to be around our son.

It took almost two years for this to happen. This is where we go wrong as pet owners. We rush the process. Dogs sometimes take time to accept change just like people. My husband slowly allowed him to lick our sons toes sometimes and smell our son. We would allow our dog to see us interact with our son and ask him as our pet to join us. We walked as a family and my son would join my husband in feeding and bathing our dog. Our dog, like all dogs in families, needed to understand that our son was a member of our pack. He also needed to know that my son’s position in the pack trumped his. This concept has to be taught to pets because it closely resembles their natural instincts with their parents, siblings, and breed. The biggest steps that helped my son become a part of our pack was when he began to give our dog treats and play with him. We never left them unattended together. Never! It is really easy for pets to assume that babies or small children are a threat. Here are some helpful tips to introduce your child to your family pet and to prevent your child from becoming a victim of pet attacks.

Pets and Babies Safety Tips

1. Children sometimes touch animals inappropriately in places that they may find sensitive or target areas for confrontation. Begin to teach them soft touch or no touch. Babies will not understand this concept, so it’s best to hold your child in a safe distance when they are interacting with your family pet.

2. It is also a good idea to teach children to allow dogs to eat their food uninterrupted. Most animals are sensitive about their mealtime. Unlike humans who are able to fix food for themselves whenever they like, pets have to wait on scheduled times. If the pet is really hungry or frustrated during meal time this can lead to aggressive behavior from the pet towards your child.

3. The high pitch sound of a constant cry can be disturbing for a dog’s sensitive hearing, so it may also be helpful to remove them from the room during the introduction phase if your child is visibly afraid or unable to be calmed. Dogs are very smart in sensing energy and moods.

My husband and I initially sought help from a professional dog training academy in our area, but soon after arriving, our dog being to suffer from severe separation anxiety. At the recommendation of our Veternarian, we decided to stop the training and bring him back home. We began to read and watch information from the world renown dog trainer Cesar Milan. Cesar Milan is a great dog expert. Most of his tips can apply to cats or pet pigs as well. Cesar recommends a few helpful tips for introducing your baby to your family pet. You can read more of them here.

Absolutely Adorable Halloween Costumes For Babies and Toddlers!

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Nope, I don’t like the ghouls and gobblings that people attach to Halloween. For our family, it’s just candy, desserts, and dressing up sillier than any other day of activities would permit. If you feel the same way you’re going to really like these oh, so cute costumes just for babies and toddlers. Get ready to say Awww over all of them!

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So Adorable and Affordably Priced!

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Baby Jack Costume  / Baby Boys’ Werewolf Costume Baby Plush Pumpkin Vest Halloween Costume/Baby Unicorn Vest Costume / Toddler Plush Shark Halloween CostumeToddler Girls’ Monarch Butterfly Costume Baby and Toddler Pink Elephant CostumeWonder Woman Baby CostumeToddler Girls Peppa Pig CostumeBaby Cap’n Stinker Pirate Costume


The Best Non-Drying Shampoo for Kids

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There are so many kid-friendly wonderful products on the market designed to cleanse and detangle precious locks, but not all of them are created for all hair textures. Unlike adults that can get by with a good co-wash for a while, kids play on the carpet at home, play in the dirt on the playground, or even rub food in their hair when they get sleepy during meal time. All of these reasons are needs for a good hair wash day!

Today I want to share some really amazing shampoo’s that will help you keep your little one’s scalp refreshed and cleansed without stripping their natural hair of oil and moisture. With the exception of Miss Jessie’s and The Mane Choice Kids, I’ve actually used all of these shampoos in my hair, my son’s mane and on my daughter’s curls. As always be advised that even if the products states that it is tear free you should use it with close discretion and keep it from running into your child’s eyes. I would also advise that you do not use it during bath time; most of these products do contain natural fragrances, but they may cause your child’s skin to itch or become irritated in intimate places. Curious as to how I shampoo my daughter’s hair outside of her bath time? Check out my review of the “Curly Kids” products.

These shampoos are “NOT” specified as tear-free and are much more suitable for children that are 5 years of age or older. You should be very careful if you decide to use this on a child younger than 5 years of age.

1. (1)

1. Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo   2. Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot Extra-Nourishing Shampoo  3. The Mane Choice Kids Shampoo   4.  Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Vitamin E Smoothing Shampoo

These products are specified as “tear free”, but always use them at your own discretion.

1. (2)

1. Cetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo   2. Babyganics Baby Shampoo and Body Wash 3. Cantu Care for Kids Tear-Free Nourishing Shampoo


Curly Kids Multitextrue Hair Care

Wearing your hair in your natural texture not only means having the right products to achieve a beautiful style, but it’s also a definite necessity for maintaining healthy hair that continues to grow. I have a few staples that make my regimen complete, but when it comes to my little girl well, we’re still trying to find the right products for her texture and her sensitive skin. Whatever product I try it will always be as close to natural for the ingredients as possible. I specifically like to stick with paraben free, mineral oil free, alcohol-free, wheat free, and protein free.

Today’s product review is for the “Curly Kids Hair Care” products. We purchased and used the shampoo, deep conditioner, curly creme, and curly custard. The curly creme is a moisturizer and the curly custard is used a sort of like a gel to hold the style in place.  To finish her style we used one of our favorite hair oils. Here is a video of our results using the “Curly Kids Hair Care” products.