6 Months and Dancing!

What a blessing it is to be a mommy to my two! I’m thankful, and if these two were the last blessings that I received from God, it would be well with my soul. I wish I could freeze time with them stuck at 6 years old and 6 months old, but of course that means that I would have to freeze myself at my age as well. Could you imagine me with these two energetic youngins as a much, much older nursing momma?  Ha! I know there are many grannies that are raising their grandchildren. God bless them! I couldn’t imagine. I know that my children have to grow up, and as a mom, I think I now understand how my momma felt seeing my brother and I grow up. It’s a catch 22. Happy and sad for God’s plan for them to grow and mature. Like my brother and I are to my mom, they will always be my babies too!


Be Blessed!


10 Great $20 and under Christmas gifts for your child’s Teacher.

If you’ve already completed your Christmas shopping you deserve a humongous high five, but for the rest of us that are still pondering the sales ads and trying to stay within our budgets, these gift ideas will be perfect for your child’s teacher and will not be re-gifted to their friends.

1. Visa Gift Card – Who doesn’t love being able to buy what they really want or need? With a Visa gift card, your child’s teacher can go to a movie, grab lunch, or it may come in handy if they leave their wallet or purse at home. You can purchase them in any increments starting at $20.00, and from any store including Target.

2.  Ozark Trail 30 oz. Stainless Steel Doubled Wall Tumbler –  I have this tumbler and let me just tell you, it is FABULOUS! It keeps my drinks cold for hours and is definitely scratch resistant. You can also add hot beverages. At a fraction of the cost, it does the same job if not better as its competitive tumbler that rhymes with the word petty. Ha! You can find this tumbler at your local Wal-Mart, but don’t be surprised if it’s sold out for weeks. In the South, these tumblers are hot commodities, so it’s best to order it online and have it delivered to your home or pick it up at your local store for free. An awesome way to really wow your teacher would be to have it monogrammed with the first initial of their first name.

3.  Stationary from Hallmark – Hallmark is a one-stop shop for everyone in all price ranges. For twenty dollars you can purchase anything from a glass 3 wick candle, personalized ornament, wine glass, chocolate, or a greeting card. Be sure and check their clearance section. Some out of season items still make awesome gifts.

4. Cash – Yes! Cash is an awesome gift. Please don’t sleep on the power of a single twenty-dollar bill. Teachers are always shelling out money for their classrooms. As a former teacher, I can declare this as truth. With $20.00 your child’s teacher can make their own decision on how they want to splurge. Ha! Just remember to place it in a card or have your child make a card.

5. An embroidered scarf from Southern Meadow Design. Scarves make great fashion accessories for anyone. I suggest that you only use the first initial of the teacher’s first name.

6.  Classroom Reading Books – Books for the classroom are always a generous and thoughtful gift. If you’re unsure about what books are appropriate, contact your child’s school librarian. He/she will definitely be able to help you.

7. Your time! – Teachers like volunteers. Now when I say, volunteer, I’m not referring to the parent that comes to the class to simply monitor the teacher’s teaching style. I’m talking about the volunteer that is happy to make copies, wash hands, clean the tables, file the papers, clean the lunch table, sweep the floor, dust the bookshelves…I could go on and on. The daily duties of a teacher are numerous. Giving your time will definitely be appreciated by your child’s teacher. Now honestly speaking, leave younger siblings with a sitter if you do decide to volunteer. Please!

8. Alumni, Sport, or Greek Paraphernalia  – Most teachers have something representing their alumnus pride, favorite team or Greek affiliation. Many times students are well-informed about their teacher’s favorite things, so be sure and ask them when deciding. Another tip is to do a little research via the web. If your child is in a public school, most schools have a school website. If your child’s teacher has uploaded a bio, they may have their alumni, favorite team, greek status, and hobbies listed on their bio page. Yes, this is true! You’re welcome!

9.  A Goody Basket – A homemade goody basket is so fun! I suggest that you stop by any dollar store and purchase a small handled basket, cellophane wrap, and a ribbon. You can make several themed baskets to present to your child’s teacher. Here are a few themes with items listed for filling your basket:

A Relaxation Basket – soft socks, paraben free lotion, a magazine or devotional, tea bags or hot cocoa, a mug, small bottled waters,a small vanilla scented candle, chapstick,  a body sponge, and unscented body wash.

A Keeping Clean Basket – hand sanitizer, scented wall plug-in, hand wipes, a vanilla scented candle, air freshener, a personal size aerosol sanitizer, and kleenex. 

A Movie Night Basket – popcorn, gum, flavored water mix, and a Redbox gift card

10.  A Heartfelt and Sincere Thank You! – Money and gifts are not necessary to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them and you may never be able to volunteer. Take your time and write your child’s teacher a letter expressing to them how much they are appreciated in caring for and educating your child.

If everything else fails in shopping for the perfect Christmas gift remember this one thing. Christmas is about Jesus Christ, family, peace, and memories. Don’t stress!